Breach (2011/ENG)

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    Breach (2011/Eng)
    Language: English | PC | Developer: Atomic Games | Publisher: Atomic Games | 680 Mb
    Genres: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person / Online-Only

    Breach - a multiplayer first-person shooter about the elite CIA operatives, designed for 16 people. In Breach players will assume the role of members of the Division of Special Events CIA, which performs a variety of military operations for the U.S. government. Gameplay is based on the idea that the game has no "impenetrable" shelter. Destroyed everything here, for what can hide soldiery. So get ready for a very rapid fire, active movement, lightning deaths and are converted into crumb cement walls. Naturally, some objects can not be destroyed as it is impossible to destroy the very foundation level, but the "eternal" shelter in Breach really do not find it.
    * Classes will be five characters - Rifleman (Marksman), Gunner (Gunner), Sniper (sniper) and Support (Engineer). Fifth grade Recon (Scout) will be opened immediately, but only for special military services - newcomers will have to choose only four "professionals".
    * Since flushing is more or less standard - kill people, earn experience, which can then spend to upgrade weapons and buy gadgets. Say, for the purchase of "bionic" ear, allowing easy pinpoint the enemies on the map by the sound of their footsteps.
    * The number of game modes happy. Infiltration - your team needs to get deep into the card, eliminating the path of enemies. Operations - we must find and choose the faster opponents containers with biological weapons. Convoy - one team must escort a truck from point A to point B, and another command to this in every way. Team Deathmatch - I think no comment. Cards - all three pieces. Fourth developers made available a couple of weeks after the game.

    Recommended system requirements:
    # Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.88 GHz
    # Memory: 2 GB RAM
    # Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT, GT240 and ATI HD 2600 or better
    # Free space on your hard disk: 1.6 GB

    1) Install Steam
    2) Install game Breach in the program folder Steam
    3) Run SmartSteam
    4) Select the game and run the Breach
    5) It will take three to download and run the game.




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