Out in the Park Baseball 11 v11.2.28 RIP-Unleashed

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    Out in the Park Baseball 11 v11.2.28 RIP-Unleashed | 182 Mb

    OOTP 11 is simply the best baseball simulation game ever, combining stunning realistic results with fun and challenging game play. Take over your favorite 2010 major league team, play any historical season from 1871 to 2009 in ultra-realistic replay mode or career mode, create your fictional baseball universe or join an online league for the ultimate challenge - it's all part of OOTP 11!

    NEW Features
    * 2010 Major League rosters
    * New historical replay mode, replay all seasons from 1871 to 2009
    * Recoded first-year player draft, including:
    o Signing bonuses
    o Slotting system
    o Bonus negotiations
    o Compensation picks for unsigned players
    o Two-way players
    o College/HS stats
    * Several new screens, for example:
    o Improved League Standings
    o New Manager Home Screen
    o Compare 2 players side-by-side
    o New Team Stats Screen
    o Manager Notes & Reminders
    * Control over base runners during games
    * Recoded fielding engine, introducing new stats like Zone Rating
    * Advanced stats, for example wOBA, OPS+, FIP, ERA+
    * Single-game records book
    * Team owners with individual personalities
    * Improved immersion factor featuring dynamic evolving storylines
    * Improved interface, including mass-select of players
    * Create and export baseball cards
    * Three different skins

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