The Last Remnant (2009 MULTI2 RePack by Fenixx)

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    The Last Remnant (2009 MULTI2 RePack by Fenixx)
    The Last Remnant (2009/MULTI2/RePack by Fenixx)
    Language: Eng, Rus | PC | Developer: Square Enix | Publisher: Square Enix | 4.39 GB
    Genres: RPG (Japanese-style) / 3D / 3rd Person
    The Last Remnant - role-playing game in which you will find a radically new combat system, which you can take part in large-scale battles. Background events is as follows: a thousand years ago people came into contact with Remnants - magic of a bygone era of Representatives, which constantly maintain a balance in the world. Soon after there has been a rift between the rulers and the ruled the world, Remnants ceased to perform its task. On those lands where there has been peaceful, rivers of blood flowed. After a thousand years after this and start your adventure.
    - The atmosphere of the world, virtually destroyed by constant war
    - Detailed location, the beauty of which is provided by the power of Unreal Engine 3
    - Large-scale spectacular battle
    - Up to 70 different characters in one combat, creating an atmosphere of truly epic battle
    System requirements:
    Operating system: XP, Vista, 7
    CPU: 2.0/2.4 GHz
    Memory: 1500/2000 MB
    Free space on your hard disk: 10711 MB
    Video: 512 MB
    - Availability of DirectX
    - Availability of Visual C
    Features Repacka:
    - Audio 100%
    - Video 100%
    - Exclusive installer
    - Launch a shortcut on the desktop
    - Installation requires 256 MB of RAM
    Deleted: all languages ​​except Russian / gaming stuff / Soft
    Author RePacka - Fenixx
    Download from
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